About "Safe Evacuation"

Project objective

The studies aim to determine whether commonly used in Poland fire protection systems in staircases are effective and provide an adequate level of safety in buildings and proper conditions for carrying out rescue and fire fighting actions. The objective of the project is also to propose effective solutions of smoke extraction from vertical escape routes (staircases) in case of fire.


Scale of the research

5 real scale fires and approx. 80 smoke tests will be conducted in multi-storey building, specially selected for the purposes of the project, located in the immediate vicinity of the Expo Silesia Conference Centre. The onset and development of real fire will be carried out in test rig arranged as the apartment of the average citizen. This is the first of its kind project in Poland and one of a few in Europe on such a scale. Black and acrid smoke will come from burning house equipment and not from artificial smoke generators.

6 sets of furniture and interior design accessories will be purchased for the purpose of the project. The building will be equipped by SMAY in fire-resistant walls, beams supporting the ceiling, special windows and sensors for fire observation as well as devices and systems for smoke and heat control. Preparatory work will last more than five months with approx. 100 people involved: construction workers, smoke control ventilation designers, analysts and independent experts, firefighters and scientific researchers.

Those activities will allow for detailed analysis of applied fire protection systems and existing legislation in Poland.

The study summary will be presented during the conference on June 2, 2016. Also participants will have the opportunity to see for themselves the raging fire, rising smoke and fire brigade in action. The last and the largest fire test (fifth) will be carried out during this day, so the conference participants will watch the fire live.

Test building

Test building with solid concrete structure is located in Sosnowiec , Braci Mieroszewskich 124, in the immediate vicinity of the Expo Silesia fair grounds. The building consists of nine above ground floors with a height of 3.35 m, and one floor located underground. Two staircases and long corridors link dozens of rooms. This construction is typical for the mid-high residential and office buildings, extremely popular in Poland.

All the test fires will be carried out in one room, located at the staircase on the fourth floor of the building. The test room will have the dimensions of approx. 5.7 x 5.8 m and will be equipped with furniture and accessories typical for Polish family. There will be a room dedicated for measuring equipment on the third floor.

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