June 2, 2016 r.

Expo Silesia Exhibition Centre, Braci Mieroszewskich 124, Sosnowiec

Safe evacuation. The analysis of factors affecting the safety of people and the evaluation of the effectiveness of fire protection systems operating in Poland and abroad.



„Safe evacuation” conference aims to discuss and analyze the various factors that have a significant impact on the safety of people in case of fire in the building, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of various fire protection systems operating in Poland and abroad.

The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • The use of smoke control systems in terms of formal and legal and factual context in Poland and abroad
  • Restrictions on the smoke control systems operation and problems associated with the safe evacuation of people from buildings
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of commonly used smoke and heat control systems
  • The influence of climatic factors on the fire development and smoke extraction from escape routes in the mid-high and high buildings,
  • examples of fire protection in the world,
  • CFD simulations and the test results obtained during real fires – the analysis of test researches carried out in the test facility in Sosnowiec.


Meet with leading experts in the field of fire protection and fire ventilation. Learn more about modern methods of smoke and securing objects.

    • Dariusz Ratajczak PhD Eng, independent expert, author of regulations,
    • Grzegorz Kubicki PhD Eng, Department of Construction Installation, Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Engineering Warsaw University of Technology,
    • Raimund Pamlitschka Eng, European Committee for Standardization (CEN),
    • Wilfried Mertens MSc Eng,F.I. Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH, Institute  at Aachen University of Applied Sciences
    • Małgorzata Król PhD Eng, Silesian University of Technology,
    • Grzegorz Sypek, SMAY FZE,
    • Marcin Cisek Senior Captain, MSc Eng, The Main School of Fire Service,
    • Izabela Tekielak-Skałka MSc Eng, Jarosław Wiche, SMAY Sp. z o.o.,

  • Grzegorz Sztarbała, Phd Eng, indepentent expert,
  • Jacek Szczypiorski Senior Captain MSc Eng, Chief of Fire & Rescue Unit 1 in Sosnowiec


We would like to invite all persons interested in improving the fire safety level in Poland to attend the conference.

We would like to address a special invitation to fire protection experts and ventilation system designers, architects and contractors, managers of residential buildings, installers, distributors and manufacturers of fire protection equipment, as well as developers, investors, research scientists and students, members of National Fire Service and General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters, as well as representatives of local authorities and national and sector media. The conference will be attended by approx. 500 people from Poland and abroad. Participation in the conference is free of charge.

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