The first exercises took place between 7 and 9 September 2015 in Sosnowiec. In those days the exercises were carried out, which were a practical attempt to verify the assumptions for fire protection in Poland in relation to the multi-storey buildings.

The performed tests were the basis to draw the following conclusions: Considering all the actions which shall be performed by fire brigade, putting out the undeveloped fire in the time interval from 23 to 30 minutes (12 minutes of firefighting action) should be considered as realistic. Looking through the prism of activities performed by firefighters, it can be stated that the necessary time is not too long, but in the context of the effects of fire development and spreading of smoke every minute is vital.


Until the fire suppression, building structure must provide its users the level of protection allowing the evacuation. If there is no possibility of proper extraction of smoke and heat from the staircase, the conditions occurring above the fire level would not only make the self-evacuation impossible but also would threaten the people’s safety while staying in rooms, with a particular consideration of buildings that are not equipped with installation crossings to prevent the penetration of smoke into the next rooms and the next levels. During the analysis of these factors, the possibility of increasing the level of safety of people in residential buildings and ensuring better conditions for the actions of rescue teams should be considered.

Following questions occur in consequence of those researches:

  • Is it appropriate to maintain the less stringent requirements for multi-storey buildings concerning fire protection and spreading of smoke?
  • Is it not a cause of too low level of people safety in those buildings?

We want to answer those questions during the analysis of the subsequent fire tests – this time real fires -and a national scientific conference on people safety in residential buildings.

Safety poll

  •  Do you think that the Polish building regulations sufficiently protect residential buildings in case of fire?
  •  Do you think that the systems of gravitational smoke extraction from staircases are sufficient method to protect people and rescue teams during fires?
  •  Do you feel safe in your home?


Author: inż. Jarosław Wiche

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