June 2, 2016
Start 9:15am
Expo Silesia

About conference

Special event

„Safe evacuation” conference aims to discuss and analyze the various factors that have a significant impact on the safety of people in case of fire in the building, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of various fire protection systems operating in Poland and abroad.

The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • The use of smoke control systems in terms of formal and legal and factual context in Poland and abroad.
  • Restrictions on the smoke control systems operation and problems associated with the safe evacuation of people from buildings.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of commonly used smoke and heat control systems
  • The impact of climatic factors on the effectiveness of systems protecting escape routes against smokiness.
  • The analysis of the effectiveness of the systems protecting escape routes against smokiness in the medium-high and high buildings.
  • CFD simulations and the test results obtained during real fires – the analysis of test researches carried out in the test facility in Sosnowiec.


The event will begin in:

Watch live – the onset of a fire and extinguishing action!

For the first time in Poland, the conference participants will watch live the onset and development of a fire and extinguishing actions of fire brigades.

Project staff

Smoke control experts


Participation in the conference is free of charge. The number of seats is limited!

Articles about the project

Laws and regulations, expert analysis, introduction to research – read more

Travel and accommodation

Find out how to get to the place and where to find the hotel

Recommended hotels

The organizer does not provide accommodation. The slogan “Safe evacuation SMAY” special rates for conference participants at the following hotels.

od 89zł


6 km – Expo Silesia
1,5 km – Sosnowiec Center
28 km – Katowice Center
25 km – Katowice Airport
POGORIA Residence***
od 147zł

POGORIA Residence***

2 km – Expo Silesia
11 km – Sosnowiec Center
19 km – Katowice Center
25 km – Katowice Airport
Hotel Centrum Sosnowiec***
od 169zł

Hotel Centrum Sosnowiec***

8,7 km – Expo Silesia
1 km – Sosnowiec Center
9,2 km – Katowice Center
26,8 km – Katowice Airport


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    June 2 2016

    Sosnowiec Expo Silesia

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